Sexual Assault Resistance Education Centre

About Flip the Script with EAAA™ Sexual Assault Resistance Program

What We Do

A circle of cirlcesThe SARE Centre is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Charlene Senn to offer training and support to individuals and institutions in the administration and delivery of the EAAA sexual assault resistance program at their organizations.

Graduates of these workshops (Campus/Community Trainers) are qualified to train and supervise EAAA Facilitators who deliver the EAAA program to young women on their campuses or in their communities.

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Our Curriculum & Programming

Icon of a person readingEAAA Train-the-Trainer workshops are held every spring at the University of Windsor. These workshops are open to women of all ages (>18) and all backgrounds who work at or with colleges or universities interested in implementing the EAAA program at their institution. Graduates of these workshops, Campus/Community Trainers, are qualified to train and supervise the EAAA Facilitators, who can then deliver the program to young women on their university/college campuses. Delivery of the program is contingent on a signed User Licensing Agreement between the institutions and the SARE Centre.