Sexual Assault Resistance Education Centre


The next EAAA Train the Trainer workshop is scheduled for Saturday, April 29 to Thursday May 4, 2017.

Registration deadline is March 3, 2017. Space is limited to a maximum of 16 participants.

Preference will be given to staff from institutions committed to implementing the EAAA program within 8 months of completing the workshop.

If interested in registering or for more information please contact us by email or call 226-350-7273.

Who Can Become an EAAA Campus/Community Trainer?

EAAA Train the Trainer workshops are open to women who are employed by or affiliated with a postsecondary institution or a non-profit agency (e.g., sexual assault centre) that is partnering with a university/college to provide the EAAA program on campuses free of charge.

The SARE Centre is a non-profit organization. Our goal is to make the EAAA program accessible to young women. Trainers and/or affiliated community agencies can apply for grants or be reimbursed for their training time and for the time required to supervise facilitators at post-secondary institutions, but the EAAA program must be offered to female students for free.

Train the Trainer Workshops

The first ever EAAA Train the Trainer, University of Windsor, June 6-12, 2016
The first ever EAAA Train the Trainer, University of Windsor, June 6-12, 2016
The SARE Centre offers EAAA Train the Trainer Workshops for women of all ages (>18) and backgrounds who work at or with colleges or universities. Graduates of these workshops, Campus/Community Trainers, are qualified to train and supervise the EAAA Facilitators, who can then deliver the program to young women on university/college campuses or in their community. For the EAAA program to be effective, it must be delivered by pairs of highly trained and skilled female Facilitators (under the age of 30). Best practices suggest that Trainers should attend a training workshop no more than six months prior to the start date for hiring and training facilitators in their home locations.

The cost of attending an EAAA Train the Trainer workshop is $3500 plus HST for Canadian institutions/agencies, $3000 US for American institutions/agencies. You will receive:

  • 6 full days of in-person training (lunch, refreshments and snacks each day are included)
  • Three, 2-3 hour webinars while you are preparing to implement the EAAA program (July, August, September)
  • Skype/telephone support from a Lead Trainer during the first year of implementation
  • EAAA program kit: all of the reusable materials you will need to deliver the EAAA program, including two sets of Facilitator manuals

Please note that Trainers will be able to supervise but not teach the facilitators in the physical self-defence component of the EAAA program; a WenDo self-defence basic 15-hr workshop (or approved alternative empowerment self-defence) and individualized instruction of facilitators with that certified self-defence instructor must be part of facilitator training.

Don't want to Travel to Windsor? We can come to you.

If you would prefer to receive our EAAA Train the Trainer Workshop in your home community, we will send a Lead Trainer and a WenDo instructor (if needed) to you for training. Please contact us for more information.