Sexual Assault Resistance Education Centre


2nd EAAA Train the Trainer - Saturday, April 29th to Thursday May 5th, 2017

Train the Trainer June 2016
Train the Trainer, June, 2016 - group work!
The second EAAA Train the Trainer workshop will be held at the University of Windsor. Our workshops are now 6 days in duration with an optional 7th day of individualized WenDo instruction for those who want it. Sexual assault advocates, student services staff, and scholars from universities across Canada, the United States, and as far away as South Africa will be attending this training.
Our Lead Trainers
Our Lead Trainers Stephanie Gee, Jocelyn Nikita, and Charlene Senn

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We may have another training later this summer depending on demand.

Dr. Senn Awarded $980,000 CIHR Grant

Dr. Charlene Senn (developer of the EAAA program) and her colleagues (Drs. Paula Barata, Misha Eliasziw, Gail McVey, Lorraine Radtke, and Wilfreda Thurston) received funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to study the how best to help Canadian universities implement EAAA on their campuses in a way that maximizes the program's effectiveness.

Over the next four years, 9 universities from across Canada will be enrolled in this research. Each University will send staff to our EAAA Train-the-Trainer workshops. These Campus Trainers will, subsequently, hire and train facilitators to deliver the EAAA to women undergraduates at their local campuses. Campus Trainers, Facilitators, and students who register for EAAA will be asked to participate in this research.

In addition to scholarly publication, the results will be shared with postsecondary and sexual violence prevention stakeholders across Canada and used to maximize the effectiveness of EAAA as it is implemented across North America and around the world.