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Flip the Script with EAAA™ Infographic

SARE Centre: Sexual Assault Resistance Education Centre

Enhanced Assess, Acknowledge, Act (EAAA) Sexual Assault Resistance Program

1 in 5 young women will experience attempted or completed rape while in university.

Sexual assaults are most commonly perpetrated by someone women know and trust.

Most occur in social situations that people do NOT consider dangerous.

Letís Flip the Script for Women

The Flip the Script with EAAA™ program empowers young, self-identified women to trust their judgement and overcome social pressures to be "nice" when their sexual integrity is threatened.

How Flip the Script with EAAA™ does it:

Four, 3-hour units, ENHANCED to provide a positive environment for young women to explore their relationship values and sexual desires and empower them to:

ASSESS — Recognize risk cues for sexual violence in situations and in menís behaviour.

ACKNOWLEDGE — Identify and overcome personal obstacles to prioritizing their own sexual rights in acquaintance situations.

ACT — Develop a toolbox of effective strategies to defend their bodies and boundaries.

What gap does Flip the Script with EAAA™ fill?

Bystander and societal level interventions are necessary, but not sufficient to address the violence faced by young women because:

For every 13 women enrolled in the Flip the Script with EAAA™ program, 1 attempted/completed rape is prevented during the next year.

See Efficacy of a Sexual Assault Resistance Program for University Women, New England Journal of Medicine

The program works ó outcomes are lasting!

Flip the SCript with EAAA decreases the sexual violence women experince for at least two years.

See: Secondary and 2-Year Outcomes of a Sexual Assault Resistance Program for University Women, Psychology of Women Quarterly

Women who take Flip the Script with EAAA™:

Help end sexual violence against young women!

There are no quick fixes.

EAAA is 1 part of a comprehensive response/solution for preventing sexual violence against young women.

Knowledge, confidence, and skills to stand up for their sexual rights makes women safer and able to live more fully without fear.

Young women have the right to be safe!

Implement this program at your postsecondary institution or ask those who can make these decisions to do so.

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